L-Style Flights - Black Teardrop

L-Style Flights - Black Teardrop

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Brand: L-Style
Package: 3 Flights
Shipping Weight: 0.01 Lbs


L-style is proud to release the evolution of the Flight-L. This development took more that two years since the beginning. With countless research and testing, L-style is proud to be the world’s first ever company to sell the perfectly square precision molded dart flights before any other company currently selling them.  They are created using manufacturing techniques developed within the aerospace industry, and benefit from exacting technology never before used in dart application.  Through innovative design, and consistent, precise trajectory, they will improve the accuracy of your game, and last you longer than you ever believed possible. 

  • 3 flights per set

  • Approx. 350-400 microns thick
  • Use with L-Ring to achieve the ultimate hold to the shaft.

Video Overview of L-Style Flights


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