Shot Pro Series Toni Alcinas The Samurai 90% Tungsten Dart 20 grams
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Shot Pro Series Toni Alcinas The Samurai 90% Tungsten Dart 20 grams

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Package: 3 Darts per Set


Shot Darts joins forces with their sponsored pro darts player, Spanish number 1 Toni ‘The Samurai’ Alcinas. As dedicated as the elite Japanese warriors, Toni has been honing his skills on the Professional Darts Corporation circuit since 2010. The Toni Alcinas range captures the agility, courage and honour in battle of the ancient Samurai caste. Designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy and seamless consistency, these professional tungsten darts refine every throw to make you master of your darts game.

Prepare for battle. This straight, centre balanced barrel blends ancient and modern – a universal grip for players of any rank, and crafted in resilient 90% tungsten for the experienced warrior. Its shield is red PCT coating, with a powerful Samurai grip at the rear modelled on the Tsuka – the wrapped handle of a Japanese Katana. Each precision-machined Tony Alcinas barrel is engraved with the samurai kanji – your mark of honour in victory.

This Pro Dart Series soft tip barrel has a section of wide ring grip following the bullnose, this provides maximum contact points and allows for a comfortable, moderate grip. Followed by the Samurai Grip which consists of deep longitudinal cuts crossed with ring cuts.

These darts were designed to last and built to win by our team at Shot Darts, in conjunction with sponsored Spain Pro Darts Player Toni Alcinas who says "For me, my play has improved, this is the best set of darts I have used. These darts made by Shot Darts are very good quality; they have a lot of grip and a very balanced straight flight. I think many players will enjoy using them".


  • Match Weight (Dart to Dart): +/- 0.05 grams
  • Barrel Color (3): Red and Silver
  • Pro Player: Toni Alcinas

Barrel & Tip Specifications:

  • Material: 90% Tungsten
  • Weight (approx. with flight, shaft and tip) (1): 20 grams
  • Length (2): 45.00 mm
  • Diameter (2): 6.40 mm
  • Grip (4): Groove Cut
  • Thread Size: 2ba
  • Points/Tips: Lippoint Soft Tips 2ba

What’s Included (5)

  • 3 Darts
  • Flights: 3 Flights (1 set)  (Poly - Standard)
  • Shafts: 3 Tao Carbon Shaft with Spring Ring (In-Between)
  • Soft Tips: 3 Tips

Warranty (4):  Lifetime on barrel breakage only, return to manufacturer.  Does not include tip breakage.


  1. Barrel weights are specified by the manufacturers, barrel and tip only. Full weights are dependent on the accessories (flights, shafts, etc.) supplied with the dart and not guaranteed,
  2. Barrel lengths and diameters are measured and rounded to the nearest millimeter. The measurements are subject to change, by the manufacturer, without notice,
  3. Some Manufacturers warrant their darts against fractures and breakage. However, coatings are NOT guaranteed (this includes titanium, graphics or any type of paint on the barrel),
  4. There are no industry standards for barrel grip. Numbers shown are subjective from the manufacturer.,
  5. The dart set ordered should match the barrel pictured. All other components (flights, shafts and tips) may vary in color, design and length,
  6. Please call (800) 345-6519 with questions concerning the darts and accessories


  • Choking Hazard - Children Under 3: This product is not suitable for ages under 3 years. It contains one or more of the following items marbles; small ball; or small parts.